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Western Wyoming FCA Camp Bus Info

Specific times of departure and arrival, locations, ect. will be updated soon. Please check in again or contact Jim Hamilton (417-827-1979).

How to get on the SW FCA Camp Bus list

Make sure you have registered your camper first. 

Complete and submit the form below and you will get a confirmation email. 

We will then email you the official transportation schedule for the bus trip when all details have been confirmed.  Please note that the SW and Western Wyoming Bus may leave a day before the camp starts.

The cost of the bus trip will very between those coming in a day early and those on the same day. Cost will very between $40 and $60 a camper and the information will be listed on the camp schedule.

Tentative Schedule: 

SW bus will be leaving from Green River and picking up campers in Rock Springs before heading to Spearfish.

Western Wyoming bus will be leaving from Pinedale, stopping in Farson, Lander, Riverton and Shoshoni before heading to Spearfish

The Big Horn Basin bus will be leaving from Powell going through Basin and Worland before heading too Buffalo and on to Spearfish.

Jim Hamilton, Area Director: (417) 827-1979 call or text