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Western Wyoming FCA: 3 Things To Know (2 min. read)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Western Wyoming FCA: 3 Things To Know (2 min. read)

Hello! Welcome to our Western Wyoming FCA Blog. 

We hope that the stories and updates here give you insight into what God is doing in our area through our staff, coaches, athletes and volunteers and help connect our FCA community in our western region as well as statewide, nationally, and even internationally. 

That’s why…

To equip and empower our FCA community in Western Wyoming, we would like to share with you in this post three things to know about this sports ministry: our Vision, Mission and Values. 

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Our Vision, Mission and Values 

Close to 60 years ago, Fellowship of Christian Athletes was started by a few people who believed that athletes and coaches could use their faith in Jesus to influence our sports culture and ultimately transform hearts and lives.  Since then, this Christian sports organization has grown exponentially   within schools and sports communities across United States and even the world.

Likewise, the growth and impact of Fellowship of Christian Athletes has extended into Wyoming. Now going on 30 plus years, Wyoming FCA has become an established sports ministry organization spread out across all four corners of mountains and desert terrain.  

Meet Wyoming Team Now Serving:

Ernie Mecca - Eastern Wyoming Multi-Area Director

Jim Hamilton - Wester Wyoming Multi-Area Director

Aaron and Stacy Frude - University of Wyoming Director

Cameron Groteluschen - Powder River Basin Staff 

Cody Bordewyk - Laramie County Staff


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Original Vision 

FCA's vision has been clear. We want "to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes." 

For Western Wyoming, FCA's vision and mission remains the cornerstone for developing every huddles and coaches ministries, power camps, events in this half of the state. 

At the same time, we believe that the geography and isolating conditions found in Western Wyoming has formed population needs unlike anywhere else. 

Take a look at the numbers: 

Schools: 26 high schools, 26 middle schools, 3 community colleges  

Athletes: 12,292  

High school sports participation: 65 % (An estimate, Middle school may be higher!) 

Coaches: 1,004  

And to think... 

These numbers do not even take into account al the thousands of athletes and coaches participating in recreation sports, travel sports, and club sports in their communities! 

This means seeing the world transformed by Jesus Christ can start with as close to 15,000 student athletes and coaches found in Western Wyoming. 

To read more about the 30 plus years of Wyoming FCA, click or tap here

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A New Strategy for the Vision 

"To and through the coach."

Have you read the latest Wyoming FCA Huddle Connection? If not makes sure to contact us to receive these email updates.  

In the Huddle Connection, we recently shared some important news. Still presenting the Gospel, FCA will be shifting the vision's strategy towards specifically discipling coaches.  Check out the video by FCA to know more about this direction. 

To find out what is next for Western Wyoming coaches, feel free to visit our Coach's Ministry page. 

Our Mission 

In line with the original and new vision, FCA's mission desires to "lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Crist and His church." 

Currently, nineteen of our thirty Western Wyoming communities have an established FCA presence. 

These numbers include 43 Team and campus huddles we want to sustain by equipping and empowering staff and volunteers. 

While this shows how we have grown, we would love to see the influence and impact of FCA to expand into those remaining eleven Western Wyoming communities. 

So, what will FCA be doing to continue these huddles and effectively expand our outreach?

Here is our staffing vision map for our area:

As you can see, we envision more FCA staff joining our team in order to fulfill FCA's mission of leading every Western Wyoming athlete and coach into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

Would you like to support our Staff vision? 

Yes, I would like to support FCA's Vision in my area with a donation. 

Our Values 

Of course, Western Wyoming FCA's vision and mission consists of more than just numbers or a staffing map. 

Every day, every week, and every sports season, our FCA volunteers, including parents, coaches, and community leaders, and our FCA staff "demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence." 

Co-ed and multi sport huddles meet to fellowship and be discipled through inspirational speakers, fun activities, and devotions on character in sports. Team huddles provide Bible studies for teams to specifically focus on how to give God glory through playing their sport and together.  Coaches meet together for teaching and prayer. 

More than that, however, countless stories exist about how athletes and coaches' lives are being transformed in very real and very personal ways.  

It is these stories we are excited to share with you in future blog posts, on social media and through constant contact!

There you have it.

Our Vision, our mission and our values.  

Thank you for Reading! 

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Will you pray for Wyoming FCA's Potential IMPACT and INFLUENCE:

34,000 Athletes & Coaches        

120 Campuses     

70 Towns

Over the course of 30 plus years, Wyoming Fellowship of Christian Athletes has strengthened and grown to reach every corner of our square state, under Jim Hamilton and his dedicated staff and then, later under Ernie Mecca and his committed team. 

To learn more about the Backstory of Wyoming FCA, click or tap here.

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