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Top 8 List for FCA Camp Black Hills: Let's Go 2019

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Top 8 List for FCA Camp Black Hills: Let's Go 2019

Hello! Welcome to our Wyoming FCA Blog.

We hope that the stories and updates here give you insight into what God is doing in our area through our staff, coaches, athletes and volunteers and help connect our Fellowship of Christian Athletes community in our Wyoming western and eastern regions as well as nationally, and even internationally. 

That’s why…

To equip and empower our FCA community in Western and Eastern Wyoming, we would like to share with you in this post the Top 8 List for FCA CAMP Black Hills: Let's GO 2019:

Are you ready? 

8. Power Camp and Scooter Gang 

During the Sports Coed Camp, Power Camp served as an opportunity to minister to the families and spouses of our Camp Staff and Camp Coaches. 

What makes this such a great thing is not only are young student athletes developing their athletic and sports skills and learning about character and Jesus (like they do at Power Camps) -these kiddos ALSO get to interact with the rest of camp, from eating meals together to attending evening Team Chapels with their families.  

We especially appreciate the great examples campers and Huddle Leaders showed during camp, because those kiddos were watching! 

Because scooters were the youngsters ride on Campus, they were dubbed the "Scooter Gang."  We can all agree that we are excited to see what these young student athlete's FCA Camp stories will be when they are older campers! 

A special thanks to everyone involved overseeing the childrens' programs for Camp Coaches and their families, volunteering, caring for the infants and toddlers and those coaching these Power Camps. YOU are a BIG part of our FCA community at FCA Camp Black Hills! 

7. Playing Tag. Literally. 

This year we got serious with social media. And, it made camp's interactions and connection on another whole level.  We pushed hard for tagging our official camp hashtag #fcaletgoblackhills and campers, staff, coaches, volunteers did not disappoint! 


In fact, we had so many photos and video shared with @FCAWYOMING, we could not fit it all in the evening team chapel slideshows. 

But, the even better news? 

We have more stories and faces to share POST CAMP to keep us all connected and ready to GO into the new sports seasons and school year! 

We will be featuring your photos and video you shared with FCA Wyoming on our Camp Instagram. So be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates and notifications on upcoming articles featuring testimonies and stories from Camp! 

Thank you, again, for all your awesome support!!   

6. Dance off, Sing offs, and Chants 

While we experienced some intense competition during Camp Sports sessions, evening Team Chapels proved to be the most competitive part of camp!  

There were dance offs, sing offs and best of all chant competitions between the boys and girls. It is a great time to laugh and have some fun before getting serious with time for worship and Camp Chaplain.  

A good reminder that the Christian Life involves fellowship and fun! 

5. Huddling Up and Jumping into Leadership 

At FCA camp, campers were united together in sport huddles with new teammates. Each huddle was led by a college Christian athlete(s) who has a passion for Jesus, sports and being leaders. These groups ate meals and worshipped together. Also, they intensely competed and trained together during their time at camp. 

However, campers were not the only ones in huddles. Huddle leaders met before camp for leadership training and fellowship that united them all. Likewise, coaches huddled up together to pray for sports sessions and each other and grow together in their faith during camp.   


Thank you, Huddle Leaders!

Along with huddle times, campers participated in leadership training in the afternoons. This leadership training involved discussions about character, leadership roles, and infusing their faith into their sport.  



Thank you to the coaches and staff who led these leadership training sessions!



Campers certainly stepped up to the challenges! 

4. Gut Check Time 

This tradition is a brutal but necessary one. Campers, staff, volunteers and coaches pushed themselves one final time at camp to complete gut check on the field. Already exhausted from training and competing at camp, campers and staff still accepted the challenge to finish strong.  Even the power camp aka scooter gang gave it their all! 

However, the best thing about gut check is this...

It reminds everyone at camp that we really CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU, ME - US! (just as it says in Phil. 4:13) 



3. Coaches and Competition 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes believes that the most effective strategy to share the Gospel with coaches and athletes is "to and through the coach."  This means we take seriously the call to meet Coaches wherever they are on their Journey with Jesus and help them grow in Christian character and values as coaches.

For that reason, we love to hear that FCA camp also impacts our coaches lives and gives them an experience to grow in their love for Jesus and Sport! case you did not notice - FCA SPORTS Camp is INTENSE! 

At our Black Hills Sports Camp, we strive to provide safe, healthy environments, along with exceptional coaching and intstruction to challenge student athletes in taking their game, their skills, their sports passion to the next level.  We saw that at every sport activity session with Coaches, assistants, huddle leaders, and campers this year. 

If you would like to learn more about the amazing Coach's Ministry with FCA, visit our COACHES page or go directly to 3D Coaching site

One more thing...

A special thank you to the trainers who helped keep our campers healthy and safe! And of course, to all our excellent Camp Coaches!!  

2. Chairs, Chocolate Milk and Jesus talks

Team evening Chapels provided campers with Biblical perspectives and resources to overcome obstacles student athletes face in school and on the field as student athletes and leaders.  

At our evening Team Chapels, we were blessed with Lindsey Waggoner (as the MC) and Reza Zadeh (Camp Chaplain) joining us this year, along with University of Wyoming FCA director Aaron Frude (interviewed College student athletes live with Outside the Line).  


We also would like to thank the band For Heaven's Sake that played every evening and WY FCA state director Jim Hamilton, his WY FCA staff for running the slideshows and sound for evening team chapels, social media, video and photography (and registration!). 

On Wednesday night, Zadeh presented Campers with the Gospel message and challenged them to accept God's call to be all in as student athletes in their walk with Jesus.  And we were blown away by the response! 

Read more about Reza Zadeh HERE.


If you know someone that went to camp, ask them about Chocolate Milk and Chairs that Zadeh talked about at Team Evening Chapels. We know that we will never look at Chocolate Milk the same again. 



1. Glorifying God through Sport and Fellowship

As you can see, a lot of amazing things happened at our Black Hills FCA Sports camp this year. So many lives were impacted that week at camp.   If we could summarize the entirety of this experience, it would be this...

We wanted to glorify God though our Sport and Fellowship. This really epitomizes the vision and mission of FCA and we aimed for that throughout our time at camp.  

Love Jesus and Play Sport. 

Go HERE to Download High Resolution Camp Photo. 

Thank you to our Camp Director Ernie Mecca for another great camp!!  

Thank you to the Camp Staff from FCA NEBRASKA and FCA SOUTH DAKOTA.

Make sure to check out their sites to see what is happening with FCA in Nebraska and South Dakota. 

Will you pray for Wyoming FCA's Potential IMPACT and INFLUENCE:

34,000 Athletes & Coaches        

120 Campuses     

70 Towns

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