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FCA Powercamps: Get Involved with Western WY FCA (2 min. read)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Powercamps: Get Involved with Western WY FCA (2 min. read)

Hello! Welcome to Our Western Wyoming FCA blog. 

We hope that the stories and updates here give you insight into what God is doing in our area through our staff, coaches, athletes, and volunteers and help connect our FCA community in our western regions as well as statewide, nationally, and even internationally. 

That's why...

To equip and empower our FCA community in Western Wyoming, we would like to share with you in this post 3 ways Power Camps and volunteers impact and empower younger student athletes in Wyoming: 

  • What It Looks Like to Get Involved 
  • How Power Camps Impact Student Athletes 
  • Ways to Get Involved in FCA

What It Looks Like to Get Involved

What better way to show you three ways to get involved with FCA, than to share with you more about our Power Camp in Alpine, Wyoming. Going on three years now, Western Wyoming FCA has partnered up with Morning Star Baptist Church of Alpine to provide annual basketball Power Camps. 

About Alpine Power Camps 

Power Camps serve as an important key in building connections in the community and helping young athletes develop their sports skills, as well as their character.  During the course of 4 weekends, kid attendees participate in clinic drills and competitive games to develop fundamental basketball skills.

Visit here to read about official FCA information on Power Camps

How Power Camps Work

Morning Star Baptist church provides volunteers and facilitates registration, while FCA provides resources such as t-shirts, water bottles, and huddles meeting curriculum for attendees. Along with resources, Jim Hamilton (multi-area director) leads the clinic. 


Volunteers at Work 

This power camp consists of five parents that serve by assisting clinicians. Also, huddle coaches help lead and FCA Bible Study during power camp. In addition, many other parents and individuals from the church prepare snacks and a lunch for attendees. 

And...thanks to First Bank in Alpine, each child attendee receives a basketball at the end of the four weekend FCA Power Camp!

We are incredibly thankful for all the volunteers and help we receive with Western Wyoming Power Camps. 

How Power Camps Impact Student Athletes

Before we share with you more on how you can help impact and influence kids and athletes, we want to dive into more on how Power Camps help and empower student athletes in their walk with Jesus, from their time with volunteer coaches to talks on character development.

Focus on Character

For character development, each clinic uses the Power Camp Curriculum from the previous camp Huddle Times. Jim started each clinic with a Power Boost to introduce each themme for the day. Then, kids were divided by age into huddles lead by adult men from Morning Star Church.

This year's theme was STRONG, using the Bible verse:

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful." 

- 2 Timothy 4:7  

Watch the Camp Theme from last summer down Below. 

Encouraging Words

For the "Time out for Testimony," a guest speaker usually gives a small talk. This year, Jim Hamilton shared the gospel using the FCA More Than Winning track.  He also challenged camp attendees with asking themselves "What is the Standard?" or "What is our problem?" Each week, Jim also prayed with the kid attendees. 

Are you interested in getting your student athlete involved with Wyoming FCA Power camps? 

Contact Jim for more information! 

Ways to Get Involved with FCA 

As you can see, volunteers play a significant role in the sustainability and success of our Alpine FCA Power camps.  And it all happens in thanks to the investment from the coaches, parent and individual volunteers, partnership with a church, and community sponsors.

AND it is as simple as Lead, Help, Attend

Lead as a Volunteer

Have you heard about our new strategy for FCA's Vision? Basically it is this: To and Through the Coach. 

FCA believes that ministering, equipping and empowering coaches will be one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with communities and ultimately the world. 

Right now we have 1,004 coaches in Western Wyoming. 

This means there is a huge opportunity to impact coaches, sharing the Gospel and growing their relationship with Jesus through sports. 

Being apart of FCA as a volunteer coach will also help FCA events like Power Camps. 

If you would to be a part of coaches ministry, go to our COACHES MINISTRY page. 

Help as a Volunteer

Getting volunteers, such as parents, pastors and other community members, involved with FCA remains vital part of our sports ministry to coaches and athletes. So many opportunities to volunteer exist within Western WY FCA and WY FCA. 


If you would like to find out more about volunteering contact Jim or visit our VOLUNTEERS page. 

Currently: We are looking for Huddle Leader Applicants for Camp! Click or tap here if you would like to apply

Remember to Attend

Attending FCA events serves as a great way to be apart FCA and become familiar with volunteering.  Feel free to check out our events and volunteers pages to see if there is something you would like to attend! 

Also, if you have a student athlete you would like to attend an FCA event or meeting, check out what's happening now in WY FCA. 

One more thing....

Remember to register for FCA Camp for the full FCA experience in sports and faith - during an amazing week at Northern Black Hills Sports Camp! 

There you have it! Power camps is just one of the many ways to get involved. We hope you can see how important volunteers are for FCA's impact on communities like the one in Alpine! 

Thank you for reading! 

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