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About FCA Student Athlete Leadership Teams (4 min. read)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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About FCA Student Athlete Leadership Teams (4 min. read)

Hello! Welcome to our Western Wyoming FCA Blog.

written by Lindsey Lawson

We hope that the stories and updates here give you insight into what God is doing in our area through our staff, coaches, athletes and volunteers and help connect our FCA community in our western region as well as statewide, nationally, and even internationally. 

That’s why…

To equip and empower our FCA community in Western Wyoming, we would like to share with you in this post 5 things to know about our FCA Student Athelte Leadership Teams: 

  • What a Leadership Team Looks Like 
  • Why Do We Need Leadership Teams
  • Who Serves on the Leadership Team 
  • How to Join a Leadership Team
  • Where FCA Leaders Find Resource 

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What a Leadership Team Looks Like 

FCA Leadership Teams serve as an opportunity for Student Athletes to take on a Leadership position within the ministry of FCA and step up to a leadership role on their campus and teams. 

These Student Athletes typically represent each sport in their school. As a result, Leadership Teams help unite Student Athletes across different sports and teams, while at the same time, strengthening them individually to influence and impact their teammates and coaches. 

Take a Look at Pindale HS Leadership Team 

For the Pinedale High School, their FCA Leadership Team demonstrates quality leadership, along with their Huddle Coach, Casey Nauwen. 

FCA Leadership Team Meetings 

Every Sunday after church, the FCA Leadership Team and Huddle Coach Nauwen meet in his family's home for a dinner, Bible study and planning. Also, they pray together for their school, sports, and each other. 

It does not stop there!

FCA Leaders in Action 

Throughout the week, each FCA leader takes turns leading a FCA devotional at lunch in a coach's rooms. Moreover, they have started a Volleyball, Track, and Soccer Team Huddles for other student athletes. 

Not only that, these FCA leaders have been working on recruiting Sophmores to train and disciple for their future leadership roles. 

About the Huddle Coach 

For Huddle Coach Nauwen, the role as FCA volunteer and Huddle Coach has given him an amazing opportunity to serve coaches in the Pinedale HS with the growth and training of the Leadership Team. 

Having his own children attend FCA camp and himself finishing the pre-season Huddle training, Casey continues to show his love for Jesus and sport through his Huddle Coach role. 

Learn More about Leadership Team Success

If you want to visit with Casey about how they develop their leadership team, feel free to contact him at

We are incredibly thankful for the Pinedale HS Leadership Team and Huddle Coach Nauwen in the commitment to influence and impact their school, sports, and communities for God's Kingdom! 

Would you like to know more about Student-Athlete Leadership Team models and roles?

Read the Student Athlete Responsibilities from the HUDDLE PLAY BOOK or click on the pdf for more detailed descriptions.

Why We Need Leadership Teams

FCA student athlete leaders play a vital role in helping sustain the presence of FCA on campus and in their teams. 

FCA Leaders Serve Others

They serve coaches on their campuses as well as teammates. They plan and lead huddle meetings. FCA leaders help with worship and Bible studies. They grow and pray together and individually, excelling in their faith and sports.  

FCA Leaders Love Jesus 

In short, FCA Leadership Teams consist of leaders committed to growing in their walk with Jesus and serving other athletes and their coaches. And, that's AMAZING! 

FCA Leaders Impact Sports Culture. 

In Wyoming, FCA student athlete leaders and their Huddle Coach are a part of FCA's ministry to influence and impact their campus for Christ, naturally through their love of sports and the game: 

Western WY FCA: 

12, 242 Athletes, 1,004+ Coaches, 43 Huddles, 30 Communities, 26 High schools, 26 Middle schools, 3 Community Colleges

Wyoming FCA: 

34,000 Athletes & Coaches, 120 Campuses, 70 Towns

Just look at these numbers and you can see the incredible opportunity committed Christian Student Athletes and leaders have to impact and influence campuses, sports, and communities. 

How can you support these FCA student athlete leaders? 

Pray for FCA leaders. Pray for their Huddle Coach. 

Get involved.  Lead, Attend, Help with Huddles. 

Get them to camp! Scholarships are available. 

If your student athlete has not yet registered for camp or you are a student athlete interested in going to FCA Sport Camp 2019 in Spearfish, ND  -  REGISTER HERE

Scroll down for more specifics on 

Student Athlete Leadership Requirements and Resources.

Who Serves On a Leadership Team 

Unlike other FCA huddles, the FCA Leadership Team involves specific requirements for recruits and leaders in order to participate. This ensures that FCA leaders closely and accurately represent the values and mission of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and meet the standards expected for these roles. 

FCA Leader Comittments

These commitments come from the HUDDLE PLAYBOOK: Who Leads? Student Leaders Criteria: 

  •  A commitment to Christ 
  • A commitment to Sport 
  • A commitment to Huddle 
  • A commitment to FCA 

Based on this criteria, Huddle Coaches look for student athletes who exhibit these commitments consistently in their daily lives and sport activities to recommend to FCA staff for a leadership position. 

Other FCA Leader Criteria

Furthermore, Huddle Coaches consider student athletes who show willingness and interest in leading and contributing to distinctly Christian activities, such as worship or prayer services, along with the availability to regularly meet. 

Are you a Huddle Coach with a student athlete you would like to recommend/recruit for FCA Leadership Team? 

Read on below or click  here for the next step!

How to Join the Leadership Team 

If you are a student athlete that has been recommended for FCA Leadership Team or a Huddle Coach ready to recruit a student athlete, the process to join a FCA Leadership Team works straightforward. 

Huddle Coach Recommendations

First, as mentioned above, all potential FCA leaders must be recommended by their Huddle Coach as an applicant for the FCA Leadership Team. This means that applicants should receive a password by Huddle Coach or staff to access online form Student Athlete Leader Application

S.A.L.T  Application Process

This 10 min. (or more) application involves answering questions about the following: Personal/Contact Information, Church Service, FCA Experience, Spiritual Formation.  

Also, student athlete applicants must review and agree to FCA's Christian Character and Mission and Statement of Faith and to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that affirms the biblical standards of conduct (including FCA’s Youth Protection Policy and Student Leadership Statement).

Submission and Notification

After the application's submission, applicants should receive a notification that application's submission has been received. Then, FCA staff will then prayerfully consider and review the applicant's information. 

Check out the Resources Below to know more about the Mission and Vision of FCA and GET CONNECTED!

Where Leadership Team Members Find Resources

Student Athlete Leader Application

Fill out Huddle Pulse Forms

Register for Camp

Check out Scholarships

Connect on Facebook

Read our WY FCA Blog 

For Middle School, High School, and College Student Athlete FCA Leaders:

Campus 101 


FCA Student Leader Academy 

FCA Gear

FCA Magazine 

FCA Public School Handbook 

Fields of Faith Event

Game Day Event

Huddle Meeting/Ministry Tools 

Huddle Playbook 

More Than Winning

Read FCA in Action 

For College Students:

Camp Huddle Leader Application 

Next Level Retreat

Estes Park, Co

For Huddle Coaches: 

Western Wyoming Coaches Page

3D Coach Training

FCA Email Newsletter 

FCA Coaches Page

More Than Winning

And remember if you have any questions - feel free to connect and contact Jim Hamilton. 

There you have it - what to know about our FCA Wyoming Leadership Teams. 

Thank you for reading! 

Will you pray for Wyoming FCA's Potential IMPACT and INFLUENCE:

34,000 Athletes & Coaches        

120 Campuses     

70 Towns

Over the course of 30 plus years, Wyoming Fellowship of Christian Athletes has strengthened and grown to reach every corner of our square state, under Jim Hamilton and his dedicated staff and then, later under Ernie Mecca and his committed team. 

To learn more about the Backstory of Wyoming FCA, click or tap here.

Register for FCA Camp

Check Out Scholarships

Camp Huddle Leader Application 

Fill out "The Pulse" Forms

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