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FCA Haiti Trip

"I realized a whole new meaning to being brothers and sisters in Christ; that it's not just with the people we like or know who are like us, but rather every believer who calls the Lord Jesus Christ their Savior and Father is my brother and sister in Christ’s blood, regardless of if they are oceans away or right next door. As brothers and sisters in Christ we are called to care for each other and look after each other. This trip also showed me what it means to be Christ-like and how far away I am from that. Just as Jesus came to be a servant unto us and help even the lowest of lows, so we are also called to serve in that same way...I am overjoyed to see just a tiny glimpse of the many faces I will see in Heaven one day; That is the thing that gives me peace when I think about the dire physical condition these people are living in and that is the thing that motivates and pushes me to see urgency to continue making disciples of all nations."--Laura Beech, Wyoming Volleyball

"My two biggest take away moments are:
1. Be thankful, and realize how extremely blessed you are to live in the USA and to have an actual roof over your head. Don’t take for granted simple things about being able to have clean water everywhere you go.
2. I also realized that material possessions don’t lead to happiness or satisfaction. I realized that the people who were in Haiti didn’t have all the material things they needed. But they had Jesus and that was all they needed, they weren’t constantly distracted by their items and were able to focus on Christ."--Tommy Thornton, Wyoming Football

"My highlight of the week was definitely just being a servant to God. In football I am asked a lot to be in a leadership role, but this week I was more forced to take a back seat. I loved being used directly in the sense that everything that I was doing this week was used to glorify God. There is nothing like feeling the presence of God over our life. I loved how much we gave thanks to God that week overall and how much we came together as a unit. Also, how we built relationships with almost everybody here was awesome. Hearing everyone’s testimony here was very encouraging and really helped me focus and put everything in perspective for me. The things I have seen with my own two eyes this week have been such a ground breaking experience that my life will be forever changed. I am truly so blessed and fortunate, yet so unworthy. I waste and live like there are no people starving. I will live my life smarter and never left this experience and feeling slip my heart."-Eddie Yarburough, Wyoming Football

"...This morning we had individual quiet time/ Bible study. This was a great opportunity to reflect on everything that happened while we were in Haiti. While reading the passage from 1 Corinthians 12:20-27, the one that discusses the many different parts; all in one body. It was a great reminder about the importance of community. This trip would not have been possible without all of the help we all received whether that is monetary donations, prayers or anything of the like. All of them went to good use, and we are all extremely grateful and appreciate this opportunity.  Just like we couldn’t do it without all of the outside help, we also couldn’t do this without one another. Being immersed in a community of believers we united as one body of Christ. This team bonded with one another, challenged one another, cried and laughed alongside one another and ultimately grew with one another. This experience was an unforgettable one and the memories created will surely last a life time."-Bridget Shannahan, Wyoming Volleyball

Haiti Mission Trip

What began as Cowboys in Haiti, in 2010, a trip in honor of Ruben Narcisse, who was tragically killed in a car accident in the fall of 2010, has evolved into an annual FCA mission trip.  The recent group who returned from Haiti in May, 2015 marked the fourth trip to Port Au' Prince for a team from UW since Ruben's death.  Ruben had a heart for the youth of Haiti, where his family has been involved in extensive ministry, including helping plant and pastor several churches.  For the past three years the UW team has partnered with Lyonel Narcisse (Ruben's father) and his church in Haiti to provide football clinics for the youth of the area.  
This year the team continued to connect with and even stay at the Love a Child Ministry, which ministers to some of Haiti's most vulnerable youth through an orphanage, as well as other outreach opportunities such as a soccer league ministry.  The team from Wyoming helped build a malnutrition center this year.  The group heard stories of women walking for 5 hours to the Love a Child Center to help care for their sick children.  This new center will help the ministry better serve the community and the most vulnerable children in the area.  What an honor to be a part of such a vital outreach to the Haitian people. 
While sharing the gospel is always in the forefront and central in the focus on any FCA mission trip, the team from UW was primarily there to support the ministries which are already effectively sharing the gospel and living it out amongst the Haitian people on a long term basis.  The most effective evangelism and discipleship is taking place within Lyonel's church and the Love a Child Ministry, so this was an opportunity to assist those able ministers and help prepare them for the work they will continue to do long after the group from Wyoming returns home.  Packaging medical supplies for medical mission outreaches into rural areas and dividing thousands of pounds of beans into smaller quantities to feed children in various locations were all a part of serving the kingdom behind the scenes and helping to assist the laborers who will continue to be God's hands and feet in Haiti.
Building upon relationships which have been developed over the last few years, the cross-cultural team work which occurred on the trip is truly a picture of the family of God, extending across geographical boundaries and cultural differences. It is amazing how God has used something so tragic, such as the death of Ruben, to bring about such a beautiful partnership between people from Wyoming and Haiti, displaying that "weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning" Psalm 30:5.