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FCA Camp in Spearfish Needs Prayers: Who will be praying the 30 Day Countdown and 24/7 Prayer Coverage?

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FCA Camp in Spearfish Needs Prayers: Who will be praying the 30 Day Countdown and 24/7 Prayer Coverage?

Huddle Leaders needs lots of prayers, we could not do camp without them! 

Hello! Welcome to our Wyoming FCA Blog.

We hope that the stories and updates here give you insight into what God is doing in our area through our staff, coaches, athletes and volunteers and help connect our FCA community in our western region as well as statewide, nationally, and even internationally. 

That’s why…

To equip and empower our FCA community in Western and Eastern Wyoming, we would like to share with you in this post our how you can help our MULTI STATE EVENT: Northern Black Hills Coed Sports Camp 2019 by partnering up in praying with and for our Staff. 

According to Camp Director, Ernie Mecca, FCA Camp staff work hard to accomplish 3 things through prayers: 1) To create an environment that can better produce what GOD intended to produce; 2) To paint the target through prayer and 3) To celebrate the harvest after camp. 

So, how can you pray for our Multi State FCA Camp in Spearfish this June?

Keep reading below....


Prayers Before Camp Starts

To Create an Environment  

As Northern Black Hills Coed Sports Camp approaches, we believe that prayer remains one of the most vital components of a successful camp. During our many FCA camps, our FCA staff have witnessed and experienced tremendous spiritual pressure and personal challenges even before camp has begun. 

Thirty Days of Prayer Countdown to Camp

By covering the upcoming days before camp in prayer, FCA staff will be empowered and equipped in their contributions and preperation towards creating an environment that will produce what God intends to produce at camp. That is why we would like to share with you the official FCA thirty days of prayer countdown to camp.

Click or tap here to access all 30 Days of Prayer for FCA Camp.

We would love to hear if you are joining us for the 30 Days of Prayer Countdown to Camp! You are welcome to contact us to share that you are partnering up in prayer with us. 


Be sure to watch this inspirational video.

Prayers for Week of Camp June 25th-29th 2019

To Paint the Target 

During FCA Sports Camp in Spearfish, we need your help painting the target with prayer. This means that Camp Director, Ernie Mecca, along with all FCA Camp Staff, would like camp to be covered 24:7 in prayer. By providing an online sign up form, you can choose a time a slot or multiple time slots to pray for camp. 

A special thanks to John Girard, FCA Nebraska Area Representative, who helped with putting together this sign up format!

Twenty Four Hour Prayer Coverage Sign Up

Last year, we had over one hundred people signed up to pray for specific days and times. This year we would like to continue 24 hour prayer coverage! Just take a look at all the potential impact on those at camp and on campus this summer of 2019:

  • 350-400 campers

  • 40 huddle leaders 

  • 79 staff, 15 spouses, 41 staff children

In total, over 550 people need covered in prayer at this Multi-State FCA Sports camp in Spearfish.  

(These numbers do not include the BHSU summer staff that play such an important role in a successful camp, so please pray for them as well!)

Would you, members of your family and church family commit to faithful, fervent prayer for the Northern Black Hills Sports Camp in Spearfish, South Dakota?  

Yes, I want to sign up for the 24 Prayer coverage of FCA Camp in Spearfish!

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And, here is one last way to pray for camp....

Opponent Teams pray together in Wyoming.  That's FCA!

Prayers for After Camp 

To Celebrate the Harvest 

FCA’s mission through the camp ministry is “to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.”  

We want student athlete campers, huddle leaders, coaches, and staff to return to their communities, campuses, and teams (from multi states) impacted in their walk with Jesus. In addition, we want them to be equipped, engaged, and empowered while they begin new sports seasons and school years. And, prayer will help do just that! 

Here is what Campers have said about their time at FCA Camp in Spearfish: 

"I have grown so much through this camp both spiritually and athletically.  I am a better qb and db and I have also grown closer to God.  For the first time I am 100% sure I am going to heaven."

"It (camp) taught me to rise up and know that I have a purpose.  God put me here."

"Two of my friends from school asked Jesus into their hearts for the first time.  it was AMAZING!"

"This camp has helped me grow spiritually and see the impact we can have on others when we show Christ's love and live our lives for Him."

Would you also consider praying for these kids once a week for the year following their attendance at camp?

Join us in praying for these kids every week throughout the year! If you have any questions about the prayer sign up or countdown prayers, feel free to contact our staff. We will be happy to connect! 

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Thank you for your prayers and all of your support for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and our Multi-State Sports Camp! 

- Ernie Mecca, Camp Director


“Prayer does not fit us for the greater works, prayer is the greater work.” 

- Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, October 17th.

Thank you for reading!

Will you pray for Wyoming FCA's Potential IMPACT and INFLUENCE:

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120 Campuses     

70 Towns

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