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Coaches Ministry


We are excited to share with you that FCA is building on our original vision "to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes" with a new focus on specifically empowering and equipping coaches.

What will this coaches'ministry look like in FCA? 

First of all, FCA Coaches Ministry recognizes that coaches are some of the most influential individuals in our society. Giving them the tools to transform their relationship with Jesus Christ will ultimately change their teams, their schools, and their communities.  

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Western Wyoming FCA Huddles

A small, certified coaches Bible study for coaches that coach teams at all levels. Lead, Attend, Help.

FCA Events

FCA staff led, short term gatherings focusing on fellowship and discipleship. 


Coaches Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners

Coaches Conventions

FCA Training 

FCA Coaches Academy - Jim Hamilton, (Western Wyoming) Multi-Area Director is a certified 3D Coach.  Learn more about 3D Coaching. 

Have you chosen a Student Athlete for the FCA Leadership Team on your campus? 

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Pinedale, WY Leadership Team 

Did you see God move in your Huddle this week? 

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