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The FCA Coaches Ministry strives to impact the world for Jesus Christ one coach at a time.  At the heart of FCA are coaches.  Our role is to minister to them by encouraging and equipping them to know and serve Christ.  The goal for the Coaches Ministry is to help coaches to live and coach with Biblical principles through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We will work with coaches from the youth sport level to the professional level.

The Coaches Ministry Vision
• Expand God’s Kingdom by developing Kingdom Building Leaders
• Help coaches deepen their relationship with Christ.
• Multiplication – Send out Kingdom Building Leaders who will “go, therefore” and disciple other coaches and athletes to fulfill the Great  Commission.
The Coaches Ministry Mission
• We are RELATIONSHIP driven & committed to DISCIPLESHIP
• We TRAIN, EQUIP and UNITE Coaches for the purpose of developing Kingdom Building Leaders in Sport
• We MOBILIZE Coaches to fulfill the GREAT COMMANDMENT and GREAT COMMISSION in their lives.
• We teach coaches how to integrate their faith with their coaching vocation and calling.
• We train coaches to connect the scriptures and their coaching.
The Game Plan:  Discipleship Training through small groups called Coaches’ Huddles.  The Coaches Huddle is a group of coaches who meet weekly to share and discuss real life and coaching issues.  Through sharing personal experiences, discipleship training and studying the Bible coaches learn God’s expectations for dealing with the issues they face as a coach and how they should respond to adversity as well as success.

For more information about getting a coaches’ huddle started in your town please contact Coach Ernie Mecca