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Camp Media Goals

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Camp Media Goals


Welcome to our Staff ONLY blog. I feel like this format will be more accessible, user friendly than lengthy emails. Plus, for referencing back - these posts will be one click away. So I hope, in the end, this really helps with current and future communication! 

In this blog post, I would like to share with you goals for media with upcoming Camp. Some things may not directly affect or involve you, but I believe it's important to share some behind the scenes aspects of my role there to keep you informed! 

  • Sharing the Camp Blog Posts
  • Using the Camp Hashtag
  • Engaging on Social Media - Help with Hype! 
  • Get Other Connected
  • Gathering and Contributing Content at Camp

First of all - let's talk about the blog.  

I have put together several posts on camp. It would be great if you could push these posts on your social media feeds and in constant contact. It is as easy as copying the url and linking it. 

If you have any questions - I am always here to help! 

Also - when posts are shared on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I will get to that in a minute!) it would be very helpful for you to "LIKE" and when applicable "COMMENT" and "SHARE" these posts. 


Even though you work for FCA, your interaction simply by clicking on a few icons bumps the post in other's feeds.  It is kind of complicated but it's like this: social medias AI (computer programs) only put relevant and important information out there. So if no one is ENGAGING with a post, the computer ignores it.  

Which means less chance of anyone seeing it, unless they are right there on their screens when you post it. 

When you ENGAGE with Wyoming FCA social media - you are passing it along to your circle and your friend's circles to see.

Make sense? 

I will share more on how this all works after camp, so we can all be on the same page about how important engaging in social media is for Wyoming FCA. 

Just look a the results!

286 people reached 101 engagements (which is pretty good - means people that interacted with post) and 14 shares

Okay... Moving on! 


I will be at camp to collect content for the rest of the year in communications, along with some photos and video for camp. During evening chapels, we will be putting together a slide show of my photos and other photos. This is how it works: When anyone posts with a Hashtag that hashtag makes an Instagram gallery I can use that evening. 

So it is very important that YOU ALL start using this hashtag in all your social media posts and constant conact


National office released their official hastag #FCALETSGO.  I encourage you to include that as well. However, to put together the slideshow we must use our own!

Here it is again:


So an example might be:

Please be praying for us as we head to camp #FCALETSGOBLACKHILLS 

It will be connected to our official Wyoming Instagram that I am working on right now. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO ANY EXTRA CAMP  AND INACTIVE CAMP ACCOUNTS OR CREATE ANY NEW CAMP ACCOUNTS.  

We want all audience to engage on our official WYoming FCA instagram which will point everyone ultimately to the website. 

BUT - you can also FOLLOW this hashtag  #FCALETSGOBLACKHILLS  once we start posting! 

Ready to help hashtag it out??!?

Third, constant contact...

It would be very helpful for every staff to include in their constant contact, emails, posts, etc... reminders they call in web world A CALL TO ACTION 

Basically we have to help people know what to do. And we want them to stay connected! So it's as easy as adding a call to action in your emails, constant contact.:


Feel free to follow us on Instagram. Find us on Facebook and Follow on Twitter. We will be sharing lots of updates on camp! #FCALETSGOBLACKHILLS


Make sure to stay connected! 


This weekend we will start a Twitter for Official Wyoming FCA. Please follow and engage interact as much as possible. If you have something you'd like to post or share, contact me! 

AND help spread the word of FCA by following and engaging with other areas and staff members social media accounts, too. I will put together a comprehensive list for everyone to find those accounts. 

More on My Role at Camp

Basically, I will be telling the story of Camp! It has been a few years since I have been to camp, but I grew up going to FCA camp so I feel pretty good about capturing all the content we need. 

And....I have close to twenty years experience in photography and video, working for a family studio in Missouri for a decade and taking on my own business for several years with wedding and family photography.  Photojournalist and documentary style is where I thrive! 

  • I am going to take photos and video which be later edited into camp hype and camp videos. 
  • I am going to focus on gathering specific content for each sport  - interviews, photos, and video.
  • I am going to have Jim do several interviews with camp staff during camp. 
  • I am going to put together slideshow for evening chapels. 
  • I am going to continuously update Twitter, post to Instagram daily, and share on FB. 

    Twitter will have the most play by play updates. Instagram and Facebook will be summaries of the day

BE PREPARED for me to track you down for information, interviews, photos etc! Afterall, you are the FACES of FCA :) 

If you take pictures or anyone shares pictures with you AFTER CAMP I will need you to please upload to dropbox. So I can edit the photos and watermark ones that will work for future posts. 

For Instagram, website, and blog posts specifically - I want everything to look professional, streamlined and clean - which means a consistent editing and aesthetic and watermark to protect images. Unedited photos have been banned from our main sites :)

Stay Tuned for more blog posts with social media accounts we would like you to connect to and other ways you can contribute to FCA Wyoming Communications!


Will you working on the following....

Sharing blog posts and boosting blog posts on social media

Start Using and Promoting camp hashtag

Start or Continue to Use Call of Actions in Constant Contact, Emails 

Contribute Content at Camp by being ready for interviews, and sharing any of your content with Communications

Thank you all,