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Areas Serving in Western WY

Big Horn Basin

  • Park County
  • Washakie County
  • Big Horn County
  • Hot Springs County 

Serving Thermopolis and Powell: 10 Middle schools, 10 High schools, 1 college/university 

Green River Basin

  • Unta County
  • Lower Lincoln
  • Sweetwater County

Serving Rock Springs and Evanston: 8 Middle schools, 8 High schools, 1 college/university 

Greater Yellowstone 

  • Teton County
  • Sublette County
  • Star Valley 

Serving Pinedale and Jackson: 5 Middle schools, 5 High schools 

Wind River Basin 

  • Fremont County 

Serving Lander and Riverton: 10 Middle schools, 9 High schools, 1 college 

Do you have an FCA story to share about impact in your huddle or students? Has anyone recently committed their life to Christ at a huddle meeting?

We want to keep a pulse on our huddles.  To do that, we have created The Pulse - Huddle Health Reports.  They are user friendly, quick forms for volunteers and staff to simply fill out and hit send. We will then use that information to pray and help serve your individual huddles. 

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