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Thank you for visiting our site. Whether you are a coach, parent, volunteer, or student athlete - we want to offer you the resources, contact and access to all things FCA in our beautiful state of Wyoming! 

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Jim Hamilton 

Western Wyoming Multi-Area Director 

Phone: 417.827.1979

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As a nationwide and global ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes centers its vision and mission on key values, methods, and strategies that will help us share the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ with every coach and athlete. To learn more, feel free to visit our state's mission and vision page

But what does that mean for Western Wyoming student athletes, coaches and communities? 

For our area, we have a specific vision and mission for Fellowship of Christian Athletes that centers around the unique geography of our region, demographics and population needs.  Read More... 


Because of the interesting weather conditions and distance between all the Western Wyoming towns and cities, staying connected online is a must! That is why we will be updating content and posting often to share inspiring stories, resources and build up our FCA community. For this reason, we would love it if you shared your content (photos, videos, etc) with us.