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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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About Our Mission and Vision

"For some time, I have had the idea of forming an organization of athletes and coaches in this hero-worshipping nation of ours. If athletes can endorse shaving cream, razors, and cigarettes, surely they can endorse the Lord, too. So my idea is to form an organization that would project you as Christian men before the youth and athletes of our nation." 

- Don McClenan in his 1954 letters to nineteen athletes in starting up the charter organization.

To understand the vision and mission of FCA, specifically for our Western Wyoming area, it helps to know a little more about our history and the team effort to make FCA's sports ministry for athletes, coaches, and the God's kingdom the reality and presence it is today.  

Keep reading below about Western Wyoming FCA, Wyoming FCA and FCA as a whole legacy... 

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12, 242 Athletes 

1,004+ Coaches

43 Huddles 

30 Communities, 26 High schools, 26 Middle schools, 3 Community Colleges

For our area, we have a specific vision and mission for Fellowship of Christian Athletes that centers around the unique geography of our region, demographics and population needs.

As the Multi-Area Director of Western Wyoming FCA, Jim Hamilton envisions a strong FCA community, connected by the stories of transformation and teamwork in Christ. Also certified as a 3D Coach, Jim sees the new vision and strategy of FCA "to and through the coach" as vital part of effectively serving his area and continuing FCA as a sustainable sports ministry and 
coaches ministry

To learn more about the Vision and Mission for Western Wyoming FCA, read this post. 


34,000 Athletes & Coaches        

120 Campuses     

70 Towns

Over the course of 30 plus years, Wyoming Fellowship of Christian Athletes has strengthened and grown to reach every corner of our square state, under Jim Hamilton and his dedicated staff and then, later under Ernie Mecca and his committed team. 

Currently, Wyoming FCA is taking an exciting direction towards two multi-area directors: Jim Hamilton with Western Wyoming FCA and Ernie Mecca with Eastern Wyoming FCA

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113,470  Camp Attendees 

17,783 Certified Huddles 

62 Countries 

Under FCA's founding fathers (Dr. Louis R. Evans, Dr. Roe Johnston, Don McClanen and Branch Ricky) Fellowship of Christian Athletes ebcame an official charter on November 10, 1954 in Norman, Oklahoma. Then, two years later, the first FCA conference, i.e. camp in Estes Park, Colorado took place with a few hundred attendees. 

Since then, FCA has expanded to include 62 countries, 113,470 camp attendees, and 17,783 certified huddles. More than the numbers, Fellowship of Christian Athletes has grown from an organization to living community of members who love sport and love Jesus. In fact, this has been happening for over 60 years now!  

Watch the video of FCA's history here.


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First FCA Camp in 1956